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Kaap's Old World Chocolates

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Kaap's Old World Chocolates

For Our Business Customers

Make a lasting impression your customers will never forget! Give your valued customers and employees alike a personalized gift box of Kaap's Old World Chocolates. 

Sound the trumpets, beat the drums, here the best of chocolate comes!  Many companies say they can find no other anywhere, so beautiful, so delicious, so unique and at such a fair price!

1# Deluxe Winter Homestead - Personalized*
1# Deluxe Winter Homestead - As Shown
1# Gold Lustre - Personalized*
½# Deluxe Winter Homestead - Personalized*
½# Deluxe Winter Homestead - As Shown
1-5# Kaap's Logo Box, White

Our Offer

Our Corporate Rewards Program can be used once or throughout the year.  For example, you may want personalized boxes of chocolate for the holidays.  Just call or fax us with the number of boxes you would like, and your greeting.  We'll do the rest.  Or you may want personalized boxes of chocolate throughout the year for employee birthdays, anniversaries or awards. Contact us and let us know the number of boxes you would like each month and the greeting.  We'll fill your order and bill your credit card or account on a monthly basis.


  • Personalize as few as 50 boxes
  • Choose from 124 box imprint designs
  • Create your own custom imprint design
  • Select from 35 standard colors
  • Choose from 9 different type styles


You as the Chocolate Coordinator will earn a Bonus Gift!  One pound of chocolates for every 25 pounds ordered.  You may use these Bonus Gifts for your office, fellow employees, clients, friends or family.  Better yet, savor every sweet morsel for yourself!  Can you think of any other gift so unique, so delicious, so acceptable?  Why not simplify your whole holiday gift giving by ordering for everyone on your list?

But Order Quickly, Please!

Please order quickly!  In particular, boxes with custom logos should be ordered no later than October 25th.  Personalized boxes should be ordered no later than November 22nd to be assured Christmas delivery.

Special Offer!

Place your order before October 25th and receive FREE personalizing.

IMPORTANT: All prices and specials are subject to change. Please call us for the most current pricing.

1921 South Webster Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin  54311
(920) 430-9041  •  Toll-free: (888) 430-9043  •  Fax: (920) 430-9042  •  www.kaapscandies.com

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All prices and specials are subject to change. Please call us for the most current pricing.